Masters Degree, Let's Tango!

For those of you who know me well, you all know that I have a minor obsession with all things concerning paper goods, desk supplies and accent pieces among the hundred of pens and pencils I collect (this also includes every sharpie that's ever been made, crayons and colored pencils)! So what are you most excited about getting for your personal desk space, my favorite pieces, the little squirrel tape dispenser I couldn't resist at Anthropologie, this super cool elephant letter opener I found on Etsy, and lets not forget the sweet Note to Self Ipad Case I stumbled across over at Kate Spade! Now, it's time to get serious and down to business, I'll be starting my Masters in Library and Information Science Program this fall, anyone else starting grad school this year?! How do you decorate your desk, I'm oh so curious?! 

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