Grandma and Me

Growing up in my parents house, there weren't too many babysitters coming over to our home. Instead it was a trip to Grandma Dorothy's when my parents wanted a night to themselves. Which meant getting to eat candy and chips as appetizers before dinner and either coloring in our Minnie Mouse (and Disney Princess) themed coloring books, playing in her makeup drawers or learning the basics of sewing. Spending time at my grandmothers was always an adventure. Having spent her entire married life in the same house, my sister and I loved snooping through the bedroom that belonged to my mother and her three sisters growing up. We were always hopeful of finding a lost treasure that one of the girls had lost or forgotten over time; sadly nothing was ever found but playing in their room until our grandma scolded us to stay out of the bedroom meant quickly scurrying back into the living room where dinner awaited us. After grandpa's passing and all five kids out of the house, dinner with my grandma meant a home cooked meal, I Love Lucy and overflowing root-beer floats. What was it like spending time with your grandparents growing up?!
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