Friday Mornings

Well hello ya'll, I'm hoping your week has been splendid as mine has been trying as well as very exciting. I had applied for a higher position where I'm currently working so in between feeling anxious for the last week or so, feeling complete frustration over a computer program designed to catalog physical objects into digital records for an assignment and it not working for me, it's been an interesting week. After spending roughly nine to ten hours trying to figure out the issues with the cataloging program and waking up the to the news of getting the promotion, the ending to the week hasn't been so bad. So I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll be treating myself to some much needed down time, (and have decided to approach bedroom with this minimalist and chic inspired bedroom), looking forward to enjoying a nice cooked meal and tuning into season premiere episodes and getting ready for a new day at work come Monday morning. See you all Monday :)

(image via black bird style)    

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