The Rules of Fall

The crisp air has finally arrived, the triple digit temperatures are starting to fade and I've already started to compile a list of things I'd personally like to accomplish this season before it's too late. 
So here goes: 
1. Visit an apple orchard. I could seriously kick myself in the butt for never doing this while living in Indiana, there was the most charming little town right outside the college town where I lived that had an apple themed festival!

2. Carve an intricate design into a pumpkin. It may sound gross but I love pulling out the seeds of a pumpkin with my bare hands. Years ago my mom bought a pumpkin carving kit, you better believe I'm going to find an awesome stencil because my pumpkin will be the best in the neighborhood!

3. I will make a maple based recipe! I recently found this chicken recipe and this maple bar treat, nevertheless, one if not both will be made and devoured this season!

4. Being the film junkie that I am, I love the idea of starting a movie club. If you're interested let me know, a night of movies, treats and good company, I'm all in!!!

5. Bring the art of the wreath back into existence. My mom was the queen of finding the best wreaths; once greeted by the two seasonally appropriate wreaths hanging on the front door after school made my day all the better. 

(image via the curious bumblebee)

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