Spring List: Good Morning Yoga

Lately, I have been waking up with stiff neck and an achy back. Make sure to start your morning with at least twenty minutes of stretching and giving your body some love. If you can, get outside and do your yoga routine. I have been working on doing yoga early in the morning rather than just doing it at night and it really helps. Try this yoga sequence at home outside in the fresh air: 

Malasana Squat for 5 breaths
Plank Position for 30 seconds
Triangle pose for 5 breaths
Low Lunge Variation for 5 breaths
Easy Lunch Twist for at least 5 breaths
Downward Facing Dog, Open Hip for 3 breaths each leg
Sundial Salutation 3 times each side
Chest to Thighs with interlaced hands for 5 breaths 

(image via yoganonymous, routine via mind body green)

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