Five Things To Love About Summer

Five Things to Love About Summer: 

1. Growing up in Southern California, there is nothing better or more relaxing than a trip to the beach. Hauling a packed car full of beach towels, foldout chairs, a cooler and snacks, arguing over which song to play during the drive (I'll never forget the trip where my sister begged and cried for my dad to play The Bodyguard soundtrack)  plus the endless toys for the little ones, a weekend or an extended stay near the coast is quintessentially summer. 

2. Hosting movie nights ideally projected on a large screen in the backyard with friends on old family quilts with appetizers and desserts. Now that my kind of night :) 

3. Now I am not suggesting to purposely go out and make trouble, but summer means being a little footloose and fancy free. (Think Squints in The Sandlot: being banned from the public pool for trying to kiss the lifeguard). As soon as my sister and I would wake up during the summer months it meant getting to our friends pool as fast as we could. And for us that meant hopping the fence into our backyard neighbor's yard and hopping their side fence to get to our friends house. I'm pretty sure my mom told us not to do it but we just couldn't wait the ten minutes to run from our house to our friends. 

4. One of my favorite things to do in the summer was hitting up the library with my grandmother. I grew up in a really small farming town and there wasn't much to do during the hot summer months. So when my grandmother needed to return her books she'd take my sister and I along with her (she read between ten to twelve books a month and practically lived at the library). While she would mull over Danielle Steele and Jackie Collins books, my sister and I would pick a few books and go check out the coolest doll house you've ever seen. 

5. Five words left: Cheeseburgers, pickles, chips and dip.  

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