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Five TV Shows I started way after the fact and loved: 

The Vampire Diaries - I literally just started this series. My sister and sister-in-law seriously love this show and can talk about it at length. The other night while eating dinner and talking about new shows to start, my sister jumped for joy when I said in a whisper I was thinking about watching it. I tried to keep a straight face as my sister was trying to tell me the plot-line, she was so invested and emotionally involved with these characters, I couldn't help but want to laugh at her. But, I have to admit, it's a really good show and I'm totally Team Stefan!!!

Hart of Dixie - After watching Sweet Home Alabama on repeat for a week, I was in a 'I want to move to the South' vibe and started watching Hart of Dixie. Not exactly the greatest show ever but I really like Rachel Bilson. It totally hits the spot if you are feeling something girly, rom-comesque and cheesy. 

Game of Thrones - With six seasons down and one to go, I'm just now getting into Game of Thrones. Seriously everyone around me was so excited that I finally hopped into the bandwagon of freaking out over every ninth episode. I can finally be included in Game of Thrones Season Dinner parties and I can be apart of conversations about Jon Snow and understanding what really happens north of the wall. I'm so happy I finally get what 'Winter is Coming' means! At this point, I've watched three seasons but really what is the point after 'The Red Wedding' episode? Now the question is - will I get caught before the final season airs in just a couple months!

Black Mirror - I remember reading about this show a few years ago. I'm not really a sci-fi person but in the last year, I've opened up to reading outside my chick-lit an ex-pat travelogues range and rave about the few sci-fi books I've read. The same goes for television shows. Black Mirror is one of the best shows on television, philosophically speaking. In my opinion, The BBC knows how to make excellent television. Every time I watch an episode, I have to go outside, leave my phone indoors and go swimming or frolic in the grass. Because of it's voyeuristic and realistic nature, it can be pretty warping. We're not that far away from some of the ideas the show presents. Which is kind of scary, if you stop to think about it!

Silicon Valley - I cannot get through an episode without laughing to the point of crying or my stomach hurting. TJ Miller and a bunch of nerds, there's nothing more a comedy could ask for. With a masters degree in information science I can understand some of the computer lingo on a basic level; so it's nice that I'm not completely clueless when they talk code. Erlich Bachman maybe one of the best television characters ever created.

What are you watching?  

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