Friday Happy

If I had to pick a day this past week that was exceptional, it would be Wednesday. So there's this  
local committee if you will that takes special interest in our public schools, and I'm now apart of it. So what do we do? We call ourselves TREC, Trustees Reaching Every Community; it's more like a field trip for community leaders to see what's going on in our schools and a way to introduce all the incredible work being accomplished by teachers and students. The goal is to check out an elementary school, middle school and high school, the focus of the trip this past week centered around the arts and how they play important role as the foundation these school were built on. And as someone who supports the arts, I was blown away by what these schools offer and how much interest the students have in sculpture, theater, dance, jazz bands and a whole array of subjects under the art umbrella. So how was your week? I'm heading to a wedding this weekend and pulling out my suitcase to sort of start packing for my trip! Have an excellent weekend and see you next week :)

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