The Librarian Suggests

What I'm Reading: Two years ago I came across a woman who decided to read the world in a year's time. You're probably thinking what? After talking with colleagues, fellow book lovers and friends, she realized her mission of trying to read everything in the Bodleian was filled with information written predominately by white people. A friend suggested to get out of comfort zone and did she. I'm finally getting around to reading, The World Between Two Covers and I am loving every word of it. It's a lot of information to take but I'm learning so much about the writing process in other countries outside of Western Europe. Do yourself a favor and if you want to be a well read individual, this book will be your saving grace. Also, if you love strong badass women and dancing, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerinathis is for you. I also just picked this up and I can't wait to start in on this one

What I Watching: An American in Paris, Midnight in Paris, Before Sunset, French Kiss and Funny Face. I leave next week, so I figured I needed to get in the mood :)

What I'm Listening Too: Did you listen to S-TownThe heart wrenching story of a crazy yet tormented and maybe the kindest soul who ever lived, John B. Mclemore is profound to say the least. I would love to hear your thoughts on his life, the show and what's currently going on with all his stuff? Also, And That's Why We Drink and My Dad Wrote A Porno :)

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