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Getting Back to Cycling

Not only am I trying to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle, but with the vintage bicycle style coming back I can't help but want to jump on to the bandwagon with this trend. When I read the article on the bike revolution in Body and Soul , I was inspired to start riding again. You’re decreasing your carbon foot print, getting in a light exercise, getting the chance to smell fresh air and reunite with nature, it forces you to be in the moment. 
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In Your Natural Element

Now that I live 2500 miles away from home and didn't appreciate the pool in my own backyard, I never thought I'd miss swimming. I grew up at the river, water skiing, boating and doing black flips and as many somersaults in the water as I could without wanting to vomit afterwards. My dad literally had me in the pool just a few weeks after I was born and as soon as I could, my parents signed me up for swim lessons. The smell of the chlorine and the calming sound of the water is so inviting. Growing up in Southern California where pools were on every corner, it was easy to just grab your suit, hop the fence and spend the rest of your afternoon at your friends house hanging by the pool. How did I end up in the middle of snow country where walking five minutes to your car from the campus pool sopping wet in 13 degrees? Even with a parka, it was not fun. Over the last few years I have become more aware of my love for the water and have realized that the relationship between the two …

Raspberry and Pomegranate Souffle

As a college student with little to no cooking skills, I came home one winter break and recorded every Giada cooking episode I could hoping it would spark an interest in cooking. With trips to the local kitchen goods storewhich has a  beautiful space for cooking classes, the foodie in me was ready to get more hands on in the kitchen. I had no idea where to start! There were so many things I was interested in making from Italian foods and Japanese (my absolute favorite!) to deserts. So after watching a few episodes I decided to try the raspberry souffle Giada made in her light Parisian lunch recipe. For a first timer making a souffle, I'm surprised to say it tasted like absolute heaven.

(image via giada de laurentiis)