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this week's favorites...

Only a few of my favorite children classics!  Hope everyone has a great and fun-filled weekend :)

Dogeared Jewels

This past May I received one of these beautifully simple necklaces as a graduation gift. I fell in love with it instantly and haven't taken it off since. A great gift and pretty keepsake! Check out more at Dogeared.


Chloe's Winter Collection is beyond perfection, I am in absolute heaven with her designs this year!  What do you think?


I just want to say thank you and how much I appreciate the people who follow and leave comments on my posts. I love reading what you share on my blog and am excited to learn a little bit about you each day here on my site (plus I do check out your blogs and keep up with your daily posts as well). Keep checking me out because the best part of my day is seeing what you all have to say!!! Have a great weekend :)

this week's favorites...

Palm Springs, CA Indianapolis, IN Sun Valley, ID Carmel, CA
Chicago, Il

PJ Salvage

Wild Horses Night Shirt  Flannel Cupcake P.J. Set Floral Pajama Shorts

I've been wearing PJ Salvage pajamas since I was a little girl and to this day I still am in love with these comfortable and luxuriously feeling pjs. Unfortunately I am a sucker for lounge wear and pajamas so of course I have many PJ Salvage lounge pieces and pajamas. For those of you who share my problem of obsessing over oversize night shirts and boxers, this is the store for you. Once you've entered the site, I promise you'll never go back!

What's Your Bedtime Ritual?

The three hour period before bedtime is probably my favorite time of the day. After cleaning up the dinner mess, I can finally allow myself to kick back, relax and enjoy the quiet and stillness of what the evening and nighttime have to offer.  Some nights I really just need to sit back and enjoy a great bubble bath and for the ultimate bubble bath experience I allow myself half an hour to forty minutes to just close my eyes and relax, I use thisthis and rotate between these two and every once in a while I"ll use this to really set the mood. Sometimes I'll listen to some Michael Buble or John Legend really low while some nights I prefer no music.  After bathing, since I have such dry skin I really lotion up by using thisthis and this to smell fresh and clean when I do finally get into bed. Then the last few hours I'll turn off the lights and use a lamp with a dimmer and either cozy up with a good book or catch up on a television show. How do you spend your evenings?

Lessons From Bobbi Brown

Spread beauty. Do what you love. Love what you do. Keep it simple. Laugh out loud. Go with the flow. Be real. Focus on the positive. Do your best. Just breathe.


Tiffany Lamps

I do not know what it is about these lamps but I have always had this strange fascination for Tiffany Lamps. They first came about in the late nineteenth century and eventually became associated with the Art Nouveau Movement. First made at the end of the nineteenth century, these unique and ornate looking lamps were hand crafted by extremely skilled artisans instead of being mass produced. For years it was understood that these lamps were in fact designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany one of the sons of the Tiffany family who founded Tiffany and Co however this is not true. Just recently we have found out these peculiar and uniquely beautiful lamps were designed by the female artist, Clara Driscoll, Power on Clara! Does anyone else share my obsession with these lovelies?  

Denim: The Skinny Jean!

Broome Street Jeans by Kate Spade Modern Slight Curve Skinny Jean by Levi 1969 Lightweight Rib-Trim Legging Jeans by GAP Bombshell Pencil Leg by J Brand Prestige Denim by Citizen of Humanity
I am a jean fanatic, I'm not even going to reveal how many pairs of jeans I own (it's that disgusting). Although I keep up with and follow trends, mix/match and create my own styles, I honestly feel most comfortable and myself in just jeans. More times than not (that is if I'm not in lounge wear), I love slipping into my jeans and putting on a white tee. Boring I know, but at the same time its a timeless, classy and comfortable piece. Now that I've lost fifteen pounds and have managed to keep it off, I have become confident enough to try the skinny jean. I went into GAP about a month and a half ago and fell in love, then I went on a shopping skinny jean spree-these are just a few of my favorites! What are your favorite jeans, what's your style and what brand do you just die over? 

this week's favorites...

We Believe In You-Bess Rogers There Is A Light That Never Goes Out-The Smiths I Wanna Hold Your Hand-The Beatles Maneater-Daryl Hall and John Oates Hardly Wait-PJ Harvey
What are you listening too?

Simply Lovely

Alright, I have to say I am absolutely in love with Emmakisstina designs.  I first learned about her from reading the newest obsession in my life, Matchbook Magazine: Field Guide to a Charmed Life. Every issue, there is a one page feature titled "What's in the Bag." After the second issue I had to find out more about the person, Emma Kristina Hultkrantz. I'm constantly on her Etsy site checking out her newest illustrations, you should definitely stop by and see what's new over at Emmakisstina and at her Etsy site. Hoping everyone is having a great day.

Leading Ladies

Five things to know about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
1. She spoke four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.
2. She spent her first two years in college at Vassar, then was off to France her junior year at the University  of Grenoble and the Sorbonne. Upon her return to the states she finished at George Washington finally graduating with a degree in French Literature.
3. When it came to fashion, more than anything she loved black and white combos. However she preferred white bottoms and a black sweater or blouse.  
4. Jackie's first job after her college graduation was as a photographer for the Washington Times-Herald. 
5. As a lover of culture, history, language and art, Jackie felt it was her duty to make the White House a national monument. Eventually after writing letters requesting donations, she was able to transform the White House into housing important historical artwork, artifacts and furniture-in which she gave a live tour on national television!

Every Girl Must Have

A few things every girl must have!
1. Mad Men Collection Lace Tipped Dress by Banana Republic
2. Seaport Pearl Studs by Kate Spade
3. Bow Belt by GAP
4. Dress With Seams by Zara
5. Cleft Cuff by Anthropologie
6. Perfect Long Sleeve Shirt by Ann Taylor

7.Jolene Print by Kate Spade
8. Perfect Leather Pump by Anne Taylor
9. Blazer by H&M
10. Telegraph Pencil Skirt in Wool Flannel by J.Crew

this week's favorites...

The Free Public Library in Philadelphia. The Harold Washington Public Library in Chicago. The Boston Copley Public Library in Boston. The District of Columbia Public Library in Washington. The New York Public Library.