Friday Mornings...

How's everyone's week been so far? I honestly have had a pretty great one, I have a month left of my first semester of grad school and am kicking serious butt (which makes me want to jump and down). I've had a few days off and have completely taken advantage of being a little bit of a bum, aka hanging out with my dogs and catching up on my new favorite show Bones, Emily Deschanel-complete badass! I'm looking forward to waking up early (in a cozy, comfy bed like this one) and snuggling with my pooches a few minutes longer, putting on a robe and enjoying the early quiet sun rising with a satisfying cup of green pomegranate tea, getting back into a running routine and hanging with D. What are you doing this weekend and what are you looking forward to this November?! 

(image via desire to inspire)

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