Hopscotch and Double Dutch Ropes

As a student of Information Science, trying to grasp the fact that technology is an inevitable part of our daily routine, lifestyle and culture, I can honestly say I wish we didn't have all this stuff. Yes technology is fun, informative and is advancing our society, but is it good for young minds to be glued to a screen all day long?  For these new generation kids that are born with touch screen devices, I honestly feel they aren't getting the true experience of being a child. When I was eight years old, summer to me meant running around from one friends house to another, going to the public pool, sneaking into my brother bedroom to try and look cool to his good looking guy friends and getting into mischief with my closest girlfriends. It was all about beating each on the monkey bars, who could jump the furthest off the swings, playing hopscotch and double dutch with our jump ropes. So enjoy the last few days of summer and enjoy the outdoors a bit more while you still can. What do you miss most about your childhood summers?

(image via smoke thorn)

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