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Five Things You Must Know About Tamara Rojo

1. By the age of eleven, Tamara was a full time student at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, studying under the famed dancer and director, Victor Ullate. 

2. She has both a masters in Theatrical Arts and bachelor's degree in Dance from Unverisidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, and right away became a principal dancer for Victor Ullate's company.

3. At age twenty, she won her first gold medal at the Paris International Ballet Competition. 

4. Moved to London at age eighteen to dance with the Royal Ballet, rock star!!

5. For the last twelve years she has been the principle dancer at the Royal Ballet and has since become the director of the National Ballet Company in England.

(an extra tidbit, her performance in Sleeping Beauty-breathtaking, check it out!!!)

(image via charlie gray)

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