Pumpkins and Glitter

After a very successful day of games, scary stories and giving away prizes for the best costume at this weekend's Halloween festival held at the library, I was excited to have a low key Sunday morning. With a few crafts in mind, I had a few hours to play with glitter and a bag full of baby pumpkins. Although my home craft corner may be small, I always make sure to have thisthese and a pair of nice scissors on hand. And since you can never go wrong with glitter, I found this simple, easy and glam way to decorate pumpkins this year. With a lot of home do-it-yourself projects in the works, Raise has become my new favorite internet find. With holidays and birthdays sneaking up, I'm finding gift cards are the way to go. Now I can spend my weekends decorating/working on crafts and projects. If you are in need of ideas for gifts but have no idea what to do or where to go, check out all the great brands that are featured on their site

(images taken for sit and stay awhile, buy and/or sell gift-cards at raise)

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