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Happy March and almost Spring Season. I seriously cannot believe it is already March, I'm mid school and only have one semester left, Summer Reading Program is fast approaching and my horrible sleeping pattern is slightly improving from the last two months. And despite the five groups I'm in for school, I manage to squeeze in a little extra time when I wake up to read and catch up with some of my favorite reads. I recently just finished this wonderful graphic love story, Soppy by the talented Philippa Rice. Love is not about the grand gestures, love is found in the little moments liking moving furniture with each other, roaming bookstores together and making your partner a cup of tea. In one of the book clubs I follow its all about expanding your genres and getting out of your reading comfort zone, I have say I am becoming a huge fan of graphic novels. I've recently mentioned the fantastic Two Bossy Dames Newsletter, but since it only comes out once a week and if you want more of the awesome dame duo, I am obsessively checking their twitter feed. Lastly, if you're a serious foodie and wanting to try out new recipes, get yourself a copy of Deliciously Ella!! I have been following her blog for the past year and half and have tried a few of her recipes, pure excellence.

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