Pool Hunnies

 With summer fast approaching all I think about is getting in the water, whether for a late night dip or getting in laps early in the morning.When I look back at my childhood summers, many of my memories revolve around blistering hot days, stinging my bare feet on the fiery cement and taking the plunge at Sun Gold Pool (the equivalent to the neighborhood pool in the film, Sandlot.) Living in a small farming community, there was nothing glamorous about Sun Gold, but in it's small and intimate corner on Bernard Street, I wouldn't give anything for my precious memories.  Going to the pool and swimming for what seemed like the entire day, racing and competing against each other, diving down to collect thrown toys or seeing who could hold their breath the longest and eating as many popsicles as we could, those were the days. Where did you hit the pool growing up, at a friend's house, the neighborhood pool?


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