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What  I am reading at the moment: I just barely finished school and I have already read through three books on my list of juvenile fiction. The Letterford Mysteries written by Deron R. Hicks are simply divine. Meet the Raymond Khoury for children, the first in the series, Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave starts the series off and takes place all over Europe, where Colophon Letterford the young female protagonist takes you on an adventure out to discover family secrets and treasure. An excellent historical adventure novel for kids! Buy it or check it out from the library, your kids will surely love it. I'm trying to take my time reading the last of my Anthology subscription since the magazine will be over later this year. When I read the editor's letter regarding the end of Anthology, I was seriously upset. It was my favorite print magazine. At least I saved my entire collection of the magazine. What I watching and listening too at the moment: As far as music, I have been listening to Ciara's latest single, Dance Like We're Making Love way too much. I've been a long time fan and her latest album is pretty fantastic. I am also quite addicted to the ABC show, Pretty Little Liars. Every episode, I feel like I have 'A' figured out and then I'm just completely wrong. What are you reading, listening too and watching?

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