The Daily Escape

Now that school is over and I can relax/enjoy quiet evenings all to myself, there is nowhere I'd rather be than in a log cabin overlooking a lake all to myself with piles of books, beach scented candles, scrolling through my Netflix list and relieving myself from all the stress that has built up in the last several months. Last week I finally got around to reading The Quiet, it's been on the shelf, collecting dust for over a year and I'm just now getting to it. Reading it in this moment was exactly what I needed. This beautifully written and researched book by Susan Cain is definitely one of those life changing books, it answered so many questions and has helped me embrace a part of my identity I've always kept secret.
 For every time someone told me I was shy or quiet growing up, you were only partly right. I was quiet (but never shy), I participate in small talk but it certainly is not my forte, I'm too much like my father. Philosophy and passion is the root of my being, when I speak the thought process and effort behind my words (and actions) is strong, my brain is in a constant state of overdrive because I over think and analyze everything. I avoid people who talk just for the sake of talking and I limit myself to an hour or two at parties, I just cannot handle it. I hope I never come off rude or appear mad, but I need to be alone in order to re-energize! As introverts our brain chemistry is different and extroverts simply don't get it! I often struggle with how people perceive me and some of my reclusive tendencies but this is a major part of the book that our society needs to address and make note of. There's something to learn from introverts. Cain is right on when she explains that we live in society and world that can't stop talking. She points out "if you're anything other than an extrovert you're made to think there's something wrong with you." It's kind of the story of my life, I was never a party girl in high school or even college. I use to think something was wrong with me because I didn't want to go out every weekend with my friends. Coming to that realization was very empowering for me.  People like Dr. Seuss, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, J.K Rowling, George Stephanopoulos and Steve Wozniak, they all preferred solitude and are renowned introverts, so I'm happy with the company I have. 

By all means, the summer is a time for vacations and escaping your home life. But this summer make an effort to give yourself a break and find some alone time (whether it be in your home or on vacation). Escape the constant chatter and learn to be quiet and still, even if just from a bit :)
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