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Five Things to know about Amy Sherman-Palladino

1. Amy is the daughter of cruise line comedian and actor, Don Sherman. He know him from his roles in Rocky.

2. Trained in classical ballet, she originally pursued a career as a Dance Trainer. 

3. Although most famous for her acclaimed WB hit series (and my favorite show of all time) Gilmore Girls, her career in television started as a writer for the show Roseanne and later the ABC Family show Bunheads. 

4. She actually talks like she writes, her speech is quick-witted long run on sentences,filled with pop culture referencing and shes sounds like she's constantly in a hurry. 

5. Due to major disagreements with The CW, Amy and her husband did not work on the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls, and it's really obvious. They sadly are the worst seasons :( Serious mistake on the part of the WB successor. 

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