The Librarian Suggests

What I'm Reading: Since I'm currently weeding the children's fiction section and I came across a blogger reading this to her daughter, I am completely in love with The Family Under the Bridge. A lovely short story about an old Parisan man name Armand and an unlikely relationship with the family under the bridge, it's quick to warm your heart.. I'm also reading SuperMutant Magic Academy and it's pretty awesome. I have been on a graphic novel kick for a few months and since I can read through them in twenty minutes, I've been reading a ton lately. I'm about to start The Paris Architect, so if you want to get started we can chat about it on Twitter :) What I'm listening too and watching: Two words: Trey Songz!!! He has the most beautiful voice! Have you listened to his latest album? And lately I've been watching a lot of 90's teen rom-coms like 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That, Clueless, Can't Hardly Wait, Cruel Intentions, Bring it On and Never Been Kissed. What are you reading, watching and listening too?
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