Girl Band

Growing up there was always three of us. We were best friends and luckily two of us lived close enough so we could just walk to each others house if we were stuck and bored at home. Afternoons were for swimming in the pool, playing games, watching movies and listening to music. When the Spice Girls blew up, we were obsessed. We wore skimpy clothes, started wearing makeup, plastered posters all over our rooms and started our own girl group. We wrote enough songs to fill an album, we spent recess writing lyrics, rehearsing our songs and choreography (I'm positive our dance moves were not as seductive as we expected they were) and loved every minute of it.  Wherever the video-tape of us singing and performing our first "music video" is, I hope it is long gone. I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous singing into my hairbrush. 

(image via us)

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