Spice Up Your Life

Can you believe it's already the end of August?! I sure can't but I'm happy to bring back one of my favorite series on the blog, sharing my favorite nostalgic moments with you. The Spice Girls defined my childhood. Their first big hit, Wannabe was the theme song to every elementary school girl's sleepover in America during the 90s. I went through a phase where each girl was my favorite but I dressed like Ginger every chance I got. My mom who was not very approving of my wannabe skin tight British flag dress and singing their songs as loud as I could while playing them on repeat surprised my sister and I with tickets to see them live one summer - it was the best summer of my young life. I also went with my two best friends at the time. Any and everything made with the Spice Girl brand, you better believe I owned it. Who was your favorite? What was your favorite song?!

(image via buzzfeed)

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