The Working Girl

If there is one thing I notice in the work place, especially in the library world, it is customer service and how much it's changed. People don't make eye contact anymore and they certainly do not get up from their desk space if they don't have too.  If there is only a few things I remember from being in library school it is that you do not want to be the grumpy or pointing librarian. The pointer is is the librarian who refuses to get up and motions in the direction of where the individual will hopefully find their books. 

Be approachable.  Look up from the dang computer and smile. 

 So many people come into libraries admitting they haven't stepped inside one since they were kids and embarrassingly don't remember how how to look up whatever it is they're looking for. Step away from the computer. I refuse to be that pointer librarian I mentioned above, instead I have them follow me back into the book stacks and show them how easy it is to find material. 

 In business, I know it's important to maintain relationships in a very professional manner. But showing them you care and treating them as if you were friends also goes a long way. Most people don't respond well to a cold attitude, they feel like they are bugging you. That should never be the case, your job is to help people. So make sure to smile, joke around and get a little personal.

(image via levo league)

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