School Girls

In a family of five, four of us have at least a masters degree, my mom has bachelor's degree and I'm convinced if she didn't have three kids she would have gone for a higher degree. With Ph D. in science, two masters degrees in accounting and an almost masters in library in information science, my family sounds like a bunch of overachievers. We're all independent, passionate, dedicated and I'd say hard working people. Both my siblings previous work experiences averaged out to at least ten hour days of grueling workloads. I don't see how my parents survived nearly fifteen years of college and graduate school, but I'm incredibly thankful they were there for every late night phone call and a few attempts to want to come home when school just seemed impossible.

 In our household, no is simply not in our vocabulary! While you may think that we are privileged, ridiculously smart (even though I really think my siblings are geniuses) or lucky to go graduate school, my intention with this post is not to brag or whine about our collegiate experiences. We each had defining moments, hurdles to jump and major setbacks to get to where we are now. My dad whose been a very successful and exceptional businessman for thirty years told me in his second semester of grad school, he didn't think he would make it. Both my siblings faced months of stress, struggles and late nights calling my parents questioning their worth. I wholly believe that graduate school is a testament of your strength and your willingness to keep going. And while the end always seems so far away, touching that seemingly faint light at the end of the tunnel becomes your mission.  It's a fight, it's night after night of 'I can't do this,' it's staying up until two in the morning, crying, eating maybe two giant supreme pizzas to make you feel better to just to get by. But when you're handed that paper that signifies that you are an expert, it will all be worth it. I promise!!! So for any college students, you can do it. Do not give up!!! 

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