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I've been to New Hampshire once in my life, I was eleven years old and I had never seen anything more beautiful (that is outside of Maine) in my life. Since I spent my summers in Maine, it was a special treat to get out of the woods and go into town. Now there isn't much to the small town that Denmark is, so going for a quick trip outside of Walden was especially exciting for me. Some of my best memories of camp include the annual hiking trip, our canoe trips and a fun day away from camp. A day to go to the movies, walk around town and eat something besides the usual peanut butter and fluff sandwiches I made myself for dinner. Even though it was was less than 48 hours away from Walden, whatever town we were in while staying in New Hampshire, all I can say is I bet it is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. 

I've never been to the East Coast in Autumn but it's near the top of my bucket list. When I went away to college and experienced my first Indiana Fall, I felt so lucky to see the Notre Dame golden dome peak through the orange and brown leaves from my dorm window. My fourth floor view was the perfect snapshot you'd see on a postcard. And it was beautiful. I can't imagine walking through the streets of small East Coast town in mid October. Where's your favorite town to visit in the fall? 

(image via yahoo travel)

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