Thoughts on Getting Older

Today is my 28th birthday and for the last month, I've been thinking and pondering and panicking at the same time about what turning twenty-eight means to me. I'm two years away from thirty! I'm not married, I don't have kids and I'm still trying to figure out my career. The whole worrying about the biological clock ticking is a thing now and until a few years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do. I took a leap of faith, I got into to grad school to pursue librarianship (yes you have to have a masters degree to be a librarian) and I have worked my way from volunteering to being the children's librarian all while being a grad student. As much as I hate taking tests, I've always enjoyed being a student.  I genuinely love my job, it's gratifying and more than fulfilling but there's a part of me that is still searching for something more, I don't think I can only be this one thing. If you've read Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert you'll know what I'm talking about. If you could pick a word that describes the type of person you are what would you pick? Your job title, your relationship status? The first time I read her book, I instantly knew what my word was, CURIOUS (and SEEKER)! And that still remains my answer today. I've always been curious and I'm always wanting to find out more, no matter the topic. I have to thank my dad for that, we both share an extreme love for philosophy. 

But I also can't help to think that this is the time in every young person's life to start thinking about definites and forevers. And that kind of scares me. Not that I'm a commitment phobe, I've been in a healthy and happy four year relationship, but my mind is so far from thinking about a family, a mortgage and living in one place forever. There are so many other important things to me than settling down at this moment.I don't know if it's me just being me or the cosmos but I've been reading a ton of articles on this subject. About letting go of societal pressures (and even family pressure) and just being happy with yourself and not feel bad about what you want in life. If you're a woman who wants to be a stay at home mother, a working mother, an entrepreneur  or an adventurer, be who you are.  Maybe, I'm thinking way too much into this but I've finally accepted that I am who I am and for now I'm perfectly happy being an adventurous girl. 

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