Department 56 Christmas Village

If I could describe the Christmas Holiday in two words it would be Department 56! My mom has always been over the top with winter decorations, it's easy to say it's her favorite holiday. I grew up with her putting out her Department 56 winter village pieces the day after Thanksgiving. It includes an ice skating pond, a hillside with skiers, a department store, a beautiful church, a horse drawn carriage and as we've grown up she's even added a library (since I work in library) and an accountant's office (and my dad and sister work in an accounting, now all she needs to find is a science lab to include my brother's profession) to the little village. I used to haul out my Polly Pocket and Disney miniature characters and play for hours in the village until my mom yelled at me to get out of the good living room. Please tell me there are people out there that still put out their Department 56 pieces at Christmas!!! 
(images via macy's and amazon)

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