New Hang Out Spots

 Rooster and the Pig
 Chi Chi at the Avalon
 Simon's Kitchen + Bar
 Sopa at L'Horizon Resort and Spa
Workshop Kitchen + Bar

I never use to to think Palm Springs was cool. When I came back to the desert a few years ago I wasn't happy that I was moving  home, I kept telling myself it was not a permanent situation. While, I don't see myself staying here forever, I have to say the desert has it's perks! Palm Springs has become the weekend hangout for all LA'ers, people from all the over world make their way to Coachella in the spring, tennis tournaments and golf resorts cover every town in the valley, and it's been a favorite escape for many entertainers and presidents. Now that I am a little further away from Palm Springs, I haven't been in awhile, a trip downtown is a must and these places are on my radar.

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