Listening to Audio Books

Between e-books and print, I figured audio books were a dying breed. Being in the library world, I notice kids (and their parents) don't check out books on tape anymore so I just assumed listening to stories was no longer a thing. However, with audio subscription services on the rise and podcasts being the new story telling platform, I've grown to love listening to books, it's incredibly calming and relaxing. Unfortunately at the moment, I simply I just don't have the time to sit down and read for pleasure, so I'm forced to listen to what we're reading in book clubs to keep up (especially since I'm the host). Whether I'm cleaning the kitchen or listening to something in the car, it's a nice way to start and end your day. I must say falling asleep to Peter Pan is way more relaxing than falling asleep to the newest sensation on Netflix, Making a Murderer. What are you reading, do you listen to books? Have you joined Audible yet?

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