Friday Mornings

It's the freaking weekend and I could not be more excited to sleep in a few extra days this week. How was your week? As I bask in the sunniness of this mini heat wave we're having in Southern California, I have a ton work, a few too many errands to run and date I'm looking forward to this  V-Day weekend. Work related research includes watching 90's teen game shows, modifying them and turning our Summer Reading Program into one giant maze and game of Legends of the Hidden Temple; I know what your thinking and yes it's going to be retro and lots o fun. I seriously cannot wait. School work is well school work, only two and half months to go, YEAH!!!!! A trip to the hospital to drop off all the hearts we made at the library, a low key date night, tanning and a swim or two and hanging at the local home depot to check the flower situation is all I have planned for the weekend. Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day and an awesome weekend.

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