The Librarian Suggests

What I'm Reading:
Besides what's assigned to me in class, I've been enjoying another reading of Marina Keegan's short stories and essays, The Opposite of Loneliness. A beautiful collection of very real stories for twenty-somethings and touching essays that makes us ask ourselves what do we want in this life. Whatever it is, Marina urges you to go after it. I'm also reading e.e. cummings poems after looking through the lovely picture book about his life, Enormous Smallness. And if you need some down to earth philosophy, I just finished The Art of Living by Epictetus. 

What I'm Listening too:
The Broadway Sensation, Hamilton. I cannot get enough of the music, by the way did you see the acceptance speech at the Grammy's?! If not, here it is. Your welcome :)   

What I'm Watching:
 Serendipity, I LOVE this movie. It's seriously impossible to get sick of.

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