The Working Girl

Once you've established a cozy home in a new city and are finally getting use to your everyday workload, how do you grow as an (insert your job title here). Do sign up for webinars? When traveling do you get in contact with people in your field in different cities?! The more degrees and diplomas you have is nice, but I also believe in who you know and how you interact with peers and coworkers is also crucial, it's all about that networking. Meeting like minded people who share your same work ethic and doing the little things to show you appreciate what the other person is doing or saying is really important. Creating healthy and good relationships in the workplace, even if it's at a conference across the country will definitely benefit you. How do you network? Where do you go? Who do you know? Where do you start? 

Conferences: Being in the library world, there are more conferences than you know! I sign up for newsletters with the ALA (American Library Association) and CLA (California Library Association) to be constantly in the know of what is going on and look for things that interest me. 

Junior League: Look for local and national organizations to be apart of. Junior League is an excellent and reputable organization for women who aspire to becoming leaders in their communities. 

College Alumni: Once I'm finished with school, I promise to become a little more involved with the universities I went too. Getting back in contact with old friends and meeting new ones with people who went to the same school helps and feels a little more inviting and familiar than going somewhere new. 

Volunteer: Volunteer somewhere. I maybe a little bias, but volunteering in libraries is a great place to meet new and fascinating people. If you're an expert in your field of study, giving lectures or participating in small events is a great way to put yourself out there. 

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