Lessons We Learned From Mary Poppins

Five Lessons We Learned from Mary Poppins:
(and should not forget)

1. Strive to be practically perfect in every way. I'm not saying to be perfect but set the bar high for yourself and strive to meet your goals, both big and small.

2.  In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  Even if you absolutely love your job, there are going to be projects or tasks you don't enjoy. Change your perspective on whatever you are working on and make the job a little more fun. 

3. The importance of laughter. 

4. Use your imagination This one is really important especially for kids today. With so much information easily available, why bother?! 

5.You don't have to always explain yourself. Although a bold statement, you don’t have to explain all of your decisions and why you like certain things and dislike others. You get to be who you are without always explaining yourself.


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