Friday Morning

Are you ready for the most excellent news - you never have to hear me rant or complain about grad school ever again because I passed my thesis and will be graduating in a month. Oh, I cannot wait!!! I'll be traveling up to San Francisco in a month to finally step foot on the campus where I have been studying at San Jose State and visit with my brother and his wife. I'm looking forward to a nice vacation with my family, touring the city, celebrating and not have to think I should be home reading for a class assignment or finishing a paper. For the last eight years I have not been able to escape that feeling and now my future is wide open. So many possibilities and opportunities are in the near future and I'm excited to see where they take me. Until then, I will still be here, writing away and discussing life after school. Stay tuned and I will be back next week. Regular posting will be back soon :)


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