Friday Morning...

Good morning and happy almost summer everyone. It's already reached triple digits here in Palm Springs but I don't even care because life is soo good. No more tests or papers or having a million things on my plate all at once. My short vacation was needed, spending time with the fam, walking around the city and touring campus, eating in the student center and stocking up at the bookstore had me in smiles all weekend (that may also be the case because I was drinking every night over the weekend). After unpacking and sorting laundry, I've been getting in bed by ten, this is so huge for me considering my terrible sleep habit as of late. I've been devouring magazines and books, catching up on shows and podcasts and figuring out what's next for me.  So for now I'm just enjoying life as an adult, not student. Have an excellent weekend and see you next week :)

Mid Century Modern at Moonlight

A Gallon of Water a Day

Sidewalk Secret Poems

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