Summer To Do List

I will always consider fall to be my favorite time of year but there's something so nostalgic and wonderful about the summer months. Waking up with the sun, rushing through breakfast and running from house to house to escape the heat, hopping the fence to go swimming at a friends and long afternoons for movie marathons made for an excellent summer day. What's on your must do summer list?

1. Make s'mores and listen to scary stories.

2.  Try a new hiking trail.

3. Make homemade fruity popsicles.

4. If you can't take an extended vacation, take a day trip somewhere new.

5. Go to the beach in the middle of the week.

6. It's been forever, take a dance class. 

7. Get tickets for a baseball game. 

8. When was the last time you went to the water park? 
(I'll be in the Lazy River if you need me)

9.  Go wine tasting.

10. Host a dinner party for the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

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