Five Things Around the House

 Five Things I Always Do Around the House:
(And things I need to work on a little more)

 1. Never leave the dinner pans and dishes out overnight.
Since I have pots and pans that cannot be cleaned in the dishwater, I clean as I cook. By the time dinner is done, you don't have a big mess to clean up.  My mom taught me this trick.

2. Always dry dishes immediately instead of having a permanently filled dish rack.
With a a few old pots, I use to be bad about not completely drying lids and pans. The stained and dry water spots drive me crazy, so I'm trying to be better about drying and putting them away right after dinner.

3. Always keep a carafe of water on my bedside table in the evening.
I cannot go to sleep without having a glass of water. Between going up and down the stairs multiple times in the evening to refill my water, it's time to keep a carafe on my side table.
4. Pick up everything off the floor.
As a librarian, I am notorious for bringing a million books home every night. Leaned up against dressers, the bedside table and bookcases, I need to learn to only bring a few home at a time. I also take my shoes off near the doorway, I'm making more of an effort during my evening cleaning routine to pick up everything left on the floor.

5.   Do something relaxing that does not include a screen. I find this task to be a struggle. After my shower, I check all social media for thirty minutes and then I move on to my book, I color or draw or work on a puzzle.

What are a few things you do everyday around your house?!

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