Friday Morning

Hey readers, how was your week? Mine was long but productive and mostly smiles even though I'm still limited to very little movement. I'm hoping by the end of the month, the construction in my apartment complex will be done and this cough will go away so my body can start to mend itself. In the last few weeks, I've bruised another rib but on my right side and pulled several muscles in my back which has made my workday a little harder. Hopefully another weekend of pure rest will alleviate the pain in my back. By the way have you seen O.J. Made in America? What an excellent but disheartening show. Not just about the man but our country as well! As a history and anthropology major, I have read, watched and learned about racism in this country and other countries over and over. But re-watching it in this five part documentary series was chilling. Seeing actual footage different time in our country and living with overt racism and police brutality in my own lifetime, it's really sad that not much as changed or progressed.  Have a good one and see you next week! 

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