La Quinta: 3 Spots

When I got the full time librarian job a few years ago, I was excited for several reasons. One of them being it was technically in another town. Now, although it's only a fifteen minute drive from my apartment, I had never really explored the small town that is La Quinta. For a long time, there was really no reason to visit since it was mostly just neighborhoods. Over the years it has become a nationally ranked art hub, home to more golf resorts and country clubs than you can imagine and a favorite hangout for celebrities and athletes. These are just a few of my favorite hangouts and restaurants. If you know me well, you know I will answer Asian every time you ask me what my favorite food is. If you're a Thai fan, My Thai is hands down my favorite Asian restaurant in the valley.  One of the most popular places to dine out is Lavender Bistro. Although hidden, it is a beautiful setting and has excellent food. This past year, I suggested it for Mother's Day and let's just say, my mom is still talking about how much she loved the experience. Cork and Fork is another place that everyone raves about but I have not yet been too. It's definitely on my to do list. 


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