5 Tips for Small Spaces

 I have lived in exactly three apartments since college and they were all pretty small.  If you don't have a lot of room to work with don't worry, there are so many helpful decorating tips out there - you can still have a cute and "spacious" looking home even if it's a studio. These are five rules I live by and have learned along the way.

1. If yon want to paint the walls or decorate your floors with rugs, go for lighter colors. The softer hues will make the room feel less cramped and more cozy. 

2. Place a mirror opposite a wall with a window. The light will bounce off the mirror and light up a room. Although I typically avoid mirrors, they really make a difference in smaller places. 

3. Floating shelves are everything. As a book lover, floating shelves eliminate the no space issue. Only have a few furniture pieces that are bulky.You want to be able to see more floor and less stuff!!!

4. I am all about corner nooks. I love the idea of creating a quiet corner with a big comfy chair next to a nightstand or slim bookshelf. There is nothing better than falling a sleep with a good book. It's both inviting and cozy looking. 

5. Sneaky Storage. I love pieces of furniture that have extra storage. My mom's coffee table has a bottom shelf where she hides extra coffee table books and stacks of magazines.

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