Friday Morning

Heya readers! I'm excited that it is finally September but I am also really nervous for next week since all my programming starts back up. I've enjoyed it being slow and somewhat quiet, the break has been nice and I'm wishing it would last just a few weeks longer. It's taken a solid month for me to deal with and try to heal from this annoying respiratory infection and I'm nervous that it may linger all the way until December with the amount of programming I have for the rest of the year. My plans are close to nil for the weekend, sleep, rest, medication, repeat. What do you have going on for the three day weekend?

What were your first seven jobs?  I started babysitting in middle school ($8 quickly became $10 - Thanks Mr. Wheeler), Church Secretary, Dorm Receptionist, College Gym Card Swiper, Coffee Shop Barista, Accounting Firm Receptionist, Library Page.

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