Since I've been posting a little less frequently (hopefully that will be changing soon), I figured you'd appreciate a monthly update on shows I've started and loved (or didn't like so much), things I've stumbled upon, suggestions and recommendations on places to try out, new and fun things to see and do from coworkers/ family and to share other things I come across on the daily internet hunt. What's up with you?! What have you been finding, watching or doing lately?

1. Although it's still a little too hot, I love searching for the perfect plaid shirt this time of year.

2. I've been wearing Neutrogena for years, so when they made this new cleanser I had to try it out. Go get it because it's selling out everywhere. 

3. I don't even know how I came across Freeletics but this weekend I watched this girls twenty week transformation and I can't stop watching it. My first day is today, let's see how I do over the next twenty weeks!

4.  Roald Dahl would have been 100 on September 13 this year. In celebration of one of the greatest children's authors, I'm reading all his children's novels and short stories and poems along with discussing The BFG at the end of the year with my book clubbers. 

5. I've been seeing this ice cream shop in Palm Springs pop up on Instagram weekly. Since Palm Springs seems to be a blogger haven, I had to take the twenty minute drive and see what all the buzz is about. It's the cutest little spot and it was worth the twenty minute drive.

6. Decades Ago, Downtown Palm Springs had all the major designer shops. Many of those stores were gone by the time my family moved here almost twenty years ago. It's undergoing a massive transformation but a few shops have opened and it's starting to look super nice again. Make sure to book a trip this fall. 

7. When I moved into my current apartment over a year ago, I started cooking a lot, my favorite are Greek recipes. A Mediterranean plate is my go to dish most of the time and I put feta on everything I can. This new Greek restaurant in Palm Desert is my favorite place, even I'm going just for appetizers. 

8. I finally subscribed to the Cooking Light magazine and I just started their three day cleanse over a week ago. I've been eating this spinach, tomato and egg dish (with a light sprinkle of basil) every single day. 

9. This Press for Champagne wall decor is everything. I bought it over two months and it's shipping out this week. Thank god I ordered it before it completely sold out. 

10. And lastly, this precious and priceless Ludwig Bemelmans picture book is everything. My endless searching and emailing publishers/independent sellers to get this book put my collecting children's classics to whole other level. Just call me Helene Hanff. 

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