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It's been a crazy hectic month for me, I don't know about you. I'm constantly running around and showing up to work an hour early most days just so I can get through the daily workload. My home life isn't much better. These are just a few things I've been loving and finding. From quick trips on lunch breaks, stumbling upon while working on the blog, the daily internet rabbit holes and material coming through the library. What's up with you?! What have you been finding, watching or doing lately?

1. Growing up I loved Belle from Beauty and the Beast for many reasons. She was independent, she loved books and she befriended a beast and a few other silly/odd characters. When I was younger, I definitely dressed as the Belle in the yellow gown a few times. But now that I'm older, I much prefer Belle in the blue dress!

2. I absolutely love Love, Rosie. It's based off the book, Where Rainbows End by the Irish author, Cecelia Ahern. A lovely British rom-com starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, I can't stress enough how sweet this story is. I discovered this movie from another blogger and needless to say it's a top  five romantic comedy for me. 

3. I can't remember how I discovered the meditative app, Headspace but it is so worth getting. A service dedicated to providing guided meditations and training yourself to be more mindful, I seriously needed this app like a year ago as I was wrapping up grad school. Making the app user friendly, you can start at five minute meditations to much longer. 10 minutes a day is my goal!

4. When it comes to podcasts, it seems never-ending. But, what I'm listening too right now is so good, I can hardly wait until my lunch break to catch up with Archive 81/The Deep Vault. They are written and produced by the same team and I just love everything about the story lines. you can obviously find them on Itunes or their webpages. 

5. Along with being more mindful, eating better and healthier without being on a 'diet,' I'm also trying to exercise more regularly. I found this free yoga class on youtube of all places. I'm starting out with 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

6. I'm always up for exploring and trying out new restaurants, but My Thai still remains a top five place to go out for dates or catching up with friends. Thai food is hands down my favorite and there is no where in Palm Springs who has better food than My Thai in La Quinta. 

7. I'm dying to read Paris for One, a collection of short stories written by JoJo Moyes. Have you read it?!
After reading Me Before You (but not After You), I cannot wait to get this book. 

8. These sundried tomato and basil wheat thins are everything. Pair them with the spinach artichoke feta dip by Archer Farms at Target and it's amazing. It's currently my favorite snack. What do you like to nibble on?

9. My sister was the one who found the Bliss Toner Pads at TJMaxx or Marshalls and now has me addicted to them. You can find them for practically nothing at these stores. I usually rotate between three to four toners but these pads are so good, I haven't touched any of my toners in over two months.

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