The Rules of Fall (Part IV)

1. I'm always up for a movie marathon this time year, whether it's hunkering down for a Halloween movie fest or another themed marathon, I'll be watching Gone With the Wind because...I've never seen it. There's something autumnal about it. Maybe because it's usually on around the holidays.

2. Seven years ago friends and I drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana to catch the Johnny Appleseed Festival. And I loved it, everything was apple flavored and the reenactments were both exciting and comical. Although Kirk (from Gilmore Girls) wasn't there to dress in an 18th century woman's gown to tell the story of the founding of Stars Hallow, I still enjoyed it. I recently went to a pumpkin patch and fall festival this past weekend with my family. I'm 28 years old and it's the first time I've ever been to a pumpkin patch. Hit up the pumpkin patch and go through the corn maze.

3. Get creative and make your own wreath. Last year I made one with the help of A Cozy Kitchen

4. Instead of reading your favorite psychological thriller every October, reread classic scary stories from when you were a kid. Share your favorite spooky stories from when you were little to your kids or your nieces and nephews. I've been reading Halloween books I grew up in story times and the kids are loving them.

5. I am not a big Starbucks person. But this time of year, I cannot live without their Hot Carmel Apple Cider. I plan on finding a recipe myself and making it at home.


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