Giving Back

When I think of this holiday it's mostly about food, family, napping, holiday movie nights and going back for seconds. Yes, Thanksgiving is about celebrating a piece of our history and being with family but it is also a holiday about giving. How do you you help out others? This past weekend was my birthday and my family took me to Disneyland to celebrate. The first thing my sister and I did was hurry to was Space Mountain, I hadn't been on the ride in twenty years. As we were trying to figure out the line situation, a stranger gave my sister and I two of her fast pass tickets (it was a little before 10 AM and it was already a forty-five minute wait). My sister and I looked at each other, thinking did that just really happen? We thanked the woman many times and waited five minutes to get on the ride. Because of her kindness, I wanted to continue the act. I entered a holiday swap with people I don't know and gave four bucks I would have spent on a cheap and unhealthy lunch to someone who needed bus fare. So think about helping someone out that you may not know or give a lending hand this week. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


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