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I basically live in this turtleneck sweater. Whether for weekend errands, work, hanging around the house or date night, this is one of my favorite pieces this winter season. 

I'm always searching for decor pieces to put around the house and right now I'm really into copper taper candle holders. Its been a month long search and I finally came across these, I ordered them in bulk and plan on scattering them between bookshelves and the kitchen table. 

If there's one thing I like to talk about on social media, it's makeup and skincare. My skin has been extremely dry lately and between all my expensive products running out at the same time, I went for this heavy night cream by Aveeno and I absolutely love it. I've had no issues with dry skin for almost a month now!

My mom told me about this place awhile ago; so two weeks ago I finally decided to check out The Real Italian Deli. It's now become one of my favorite weekend errands. Their dry salami is perfection, the staff is very helpful and overly friendly and since it's run by a close knit family makes it all the better. If you are ever in the Coachella Valley, you should stop by one of their two locations!

Given all the paragraphs I've written about my job and career, I started listening to the podcast, The Librarian Is In. And needless to say, Gwen and Frank have helped me get through my work rut. I LOVE what I do. I read what they recommend, I laugh at their banter and like Frank I have become a library evangelist. Go to your local library and check out the programs they offer and peruse through the collection.
About four months ago, I started subscribing to makeup artists my sister recommended and that led to lifestyle you-tubers and then a YouTube rabbit hole from there. I somehow ended up on the Blogilates page, which by the way you should check it out. I've been doing my evening routines for about two and half months and I have regained nearly all my flexibility back. 

I could write a book on how much I love Lauren Graham, so for now I will just highly recommend that you read her biography, Talking As Fast As I Can. You'll be able to read it as fast as Lorelai Gilmore speaks, I swear.  I read it in about two and half hours and so enjoyed every minute of it, including her thoughts on the future of the show!

I am so particular about the lipstick I wear. Although I should be more careful about trying all brands, (my skin seriously reacts to everything) I have to say my absolute favorite lipstick of all time is Wild Card by Benefit Cosmetics. 

I first came across the Think Thin brand over two years ago from a friend. They are the best for mid morning/mid afternoon snacks. Occasionally I'll eat one for a meal, with twenty grams of protein, you'll be full for a good three hours.

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