Enjoy the Night

Quick, Easy and Structured Evening Routine to Enjoy The Night:

1. If it were my choice and my work day ended at five, I'd eat dinner between five and six in the evening. Eat dinner earlier.  Since I'm usually in bed by ten, my body needs time to digest. So make an effort to be finished eating by 8 p.m. That way your body will have two hours to digest and wind down before bedtime. 

2. Tackle your to-do list. I have a to-do list for everything - the day job, this blog, grocery list and the things I need to do around town. By the time I get in bed , that's inevitably when my mind goes into list mode. I keep a notepad, pens and pencils on my nightstand so when I think of something I write it down. I usually can't fall asleep until everything is written down.

3. I'm lucky that my job is located next to the grocery store and places like Target, my Dry Cleaner and the Post Office. Use your lunch for running errands. I like to get my shopping, phone calls and errands done on my lunch so that by the time I get home, I can relax and enjoy my evening without spending an hour and half on shopping or running around town.


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