Friday Morning

Hey everyone, how are you?! If I could describe this week in one word, it would be obsessive. Tuesday was by far the best day of the week since it was the day that Serial Productions released their newest project, S-Town. A reporting endeavor that centers on one man and what exactly the point of the story is about; because there's a lot to take in in just seven episodes. The show was released in it's entirety which meant I binged the show in about two days. Believe me, I tried to justify a reason to take a day off just so I could listen to the whole thing in one sitting. I would love to hear your thoughts if you've finished the show. Find me here or here, so we can dissect every character and detail about the show. Oh, and about how interesting, John B. Mclemore really is. The librarian in me decided to start researching several things that are mentioned within the show. Without spoiling it, I'll leave it at that, but it has been an exhaustive week trying to find John's manifesto. And with a list consisting of four pages of tasks needing to get done this week, I've marked off nearly everything, so I've been in a pretty great mood. Before I decided to be crazy and host as many programs as we do for our families, I have had no time to research my collection. For almost the last month, I put everything aside so I could solely focus on certain areas of where we need to grow our collection. Needless to say, my current list for ordering material is over six hundred books. Have an excellent weekend!!!

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