The Art of French Cooking

Whenever I introduce myself, most people assume that I'm entirely Irish. We tend to celebrate and embrace our Irish ethnicity more but my mom is actually French. Now my dad's family is very prideful of our ancestry and we're fortunate we know a lot about our family's history. My mother's family, not so much. Not that they didn't care but we really don't know much about my mom's family when they came from Europe. With my trip coming up soon, I've spent a lot of time reading about French culture and cuisine. And as I'm approaching my thirties, I'm finally embracing my French background and that includes reexamining my diet. Now, I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner at cooking so mastering the art of french cooking will take quite a bit of time. I figure I'll get started on appetizers and easy recipes first; but also look through these cookbooks as I get started. Have any easy recipes to recommend, please share :)


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